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    Bryan R. Tyler was born in Norwich, CT in 1979.  He was diagnosed at an early age with Nettleship-Falls ocular albinism, a hereditary condition that left him legally blind for the rest of his life.  Despite this handicap, his love of art and music persisted and Tyler received his BFA from the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in 2000 with a major in painting. After graduating, he spent two years as a resident and gallery coordinator at ArtSpace Norwich, a building designed to house both up-and-coming and established artists.  Tyler shows regularly in several galleries in Connecticut and Massachusetts and his paintings are in collections throughout the United States.  


Artist’s Statement:

    It is the ironies between both man and nature and man and man which I find most interesting to depict in art.  Unpopulated industrialized areas, such as parking lots and abandoned buildings (areas which may appear ugly to most), can mutate into a beautiful new form of landscape once devoid of the life that it was created for.  Crowded places, such as subways, bars, or sidewalks, may be littered with people, yet few or none of those people interact, most not cognizant of one another’s existence.

    My artwork is a balance between abstraction and representation, both in application of paint and context.  There must be enough representation to inform the viewer of what is depicted before them and hint at the narrative that is happening, and enough abstraction and ambiguity where the viewer must come up with their own interpretation of the piece.  The paintings must also retain enough of their painterly quality, enough evidence of the hand that created them, so that they do not simply become mere descriptions in the form of an image.  This equilibrium between form and content is the basis for my work.